Monday, July 9, 2007

Official 1-18-08 Trailer Online!

The official "Cloverfield" trailer finally goes online at, and I have direct links for you all right here:
These are direct links, so you can left-click to open in your browser, or right-click and "Save Target As..." to download them and watch offline.

Special thanks to Kevin Huxford for letting me know about the trailer in the comments section.

If you're anticipating this movie (or at least anticipating finding out what it is) as much as I am, you'll probably like this next bit. I've created this countdown clock to count down the time until 1-18-08, the day the movie hits theaters:

In case you like it, I'm including the HTML code below so you can copy and paste it into your Web Site, Blog, MySpace, or whatever. Just click the button to select all the code.


Titus said...

Hi boys: don't you see anything in this pic? I mean... very big, an eye, some tentacles?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, mate, can't say that I do.

brian said...

Here are a few more websites i found: (also )

I'm not sure if the second one has anything to do with the movie, but it certainly is cryptic.

but then read this,
and it says ethan haas might have nothing to do with Cloverfield, even though the forums has a section about Cloverfield.

Very strange.

Wicked said...

forum page

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, your site is fucked.

Anonymous said...

1-18-08 is not a date...

Wanderer said...

To anonymous in regard to the slashfilm link: don't be so sure ;)

Bodhi said... will show the way. अलिइक

Rick Howard said...

That would be my site. I am expecting my first born in January 2008.

Not quite cashing in since I get no money, but definitely having fun with it anyway.

Thanks for noticing :)